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STIRDATA is an online platform for searching, navigating, synthetically analysing, and visualising company-related open data content.

Established and Dissoluted Company Yearly Trend

Quick view of established and dissoluted companies on a yearly basis based on the data each country is providing (not all countries are providing information about dissoluted companies).

    STIRDATA Action

    STIRDATA Action proposes the use of Linked Data and semantic technologies as the means to overcome the technical barriers that hamper the reuse of open data, namely, poor quality and limited availability of Open Data.


    Use of Linked Data and Semantic Technologies as the means to “stir” different and heterogeneous data from multiple sources.


    STIRDATA is providing an API to access its data. More information on how to use the API can be found in this link.


    The data is harvested from the business registries of the participating countries and updated on a regular basis. More information about the exact dates of the last update for each country can be found here.